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Part three of the tea crisis. More after the cut.

This was one of those things that was supposed to be one or two sections tops and sort of took on a life of its own. Partially it’s because I run out of steam by the end, but also because I want to focus on one thing, one idea, for each section. 86 was establishing a lot of the motives for Cait to do this raid. 87 was planning, and to show off what Jace could do and how she thinks. 88 is all about the raid, and to have some fun with it.

I had Burian’s part of this section like three years ago. In the original, Burian actually has Toby with him. The reason he does was that I had the intention back when I had started planning this whole story out that Cait would have Toby as sort of a protege, before Xiphos took over that part. That Burian would take Toby into a pirate raid was a bit of a corruption of the crew of the Rose. I think Cait is handling that corruption just fine.

Also, I was reading a lot of Terry Pratchett when I wrote that part, and I think it shows.

I think I got a bit silly with Jace and Cait, but they’re having fun, so hey. Why not.

We’re going to finish off the tea crisis next week. And then, well, we’ll see, right?

Thanks for reading. I know there’s a few of you sticking it out for the long haul, and I really appreciate it. If you’re enjoying the story, the best thing you can do is tell someone about Boat Story. Also, please stop by and drop me a vote on top web fiction. You may do so with this link. Thanks! It’s much appreciated.


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  1. Broccoli_dancer says:

    *shrugs* I like the section. I like the line it walks between seriousness and a little silly. Silly is good as long as it’s not too far gone, and I think there’s enough of the rest that a little silly is fine.

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